Introducing Dr. Dean Ziegler, CME

Hello, my name is Dr.Dean Ziegler, and I am a Certified Medical Examiner for the United States Department of Transportation. (CME). Simplified, that means I do the DOT physicals, mostly for truck drivers. Although this is a national certification, I do the physicals in my chiropractic office in Allentown, Pa. I am licensed for chiropractic in the state of Pennsylvania, and the US Virgin Islands, as well. (That’s a long story!)

I will be blogging (somewhat) about chiropractic, health, losing weight, and occasionally about my Jinekan martial arts experiences.  The main blogging subject will be about the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) and their continuous updating and changing of regulations geared for truckers.  For example, it is interesting to point out that the trucking industry, and the health requirements for the commercial driving licenses (CDL’s) are now coming up to par with airline pilots (FAA regulations). So, to the over 7,000,000 CDL holders out there, it is my goal to keep you informed!

I would like to take this time to plug my book that i have written, specifically for the CDL holders to pass their medical exam, and earn their CDL medical card. They cannot operate a commercial truck or vehicle without it. My book is entitled, “Truck Driver’s Guide to Passing the CDL,  Maintaining Health and Losing Weight.” It starts off with a realistic scenario that would disqualify a driver, and a recent proposed health requirement update that may be in effect in the near future. The purpose of my book is educate the driver as a way to make informed choices in regards to his or her health!